What Type of Bicyclist Are You?

What type of bicyclist are you? If your not sure, we can help you decide.
We have identified four types of bicyclists; Commuters, Leisure Cyclists, Road Cyclists (or “Roadies”), and Mountain Bikers. There is some difference of opinion as to what these categories, are, for example one study has the categories as dedicated cyclists, path-using cyclists, fair weather utilitarians, and leisure cyclists. These are kind of the same, but I think our labeling is more descriptive.

You probably already have some idea which category you belong in, so check it out!

You ride to work regularly, in all types of weather. Dedicated!Commuter
You ride on weekends, usually 30miles or less, often with your family.Leisure Cyclist
You ride as often as your schedule will allow! You have a nice bike, or often bikes.
You know who you are (or want to be). See you on the trails!Mountain Biker