Ride the Gap 2020

June. 6, 2020

Ride the Gap

Ride the Gap


Location: Center Street Park
Parowan, UT


Ride the Gap begins in Parowan Utah. Founded in 1851 by Utah Pioneers looking to extract ore from the local iron deposits, the city hasn’t changed much since. There are less than 3000 people who call Parowan home and that’s ok by them. The locals are friendly and match the quaint scenery that will surround you on your 30, 55, 75 or 100 mile ride around and through the Parowan Gap.

The Gap is worth a stop as you can see evidence of the earliest known residence of the area, the Fremont and Anasazi Indians. The Gap is a mountain that was split in two by a volcanic intrusion. The sandstone that was left bare by the split is covered with petroglyphs and contains multiple calendars that track both the moon and sun. The Gap is worth a trip and is a bonus as you pedal out your century.

Ride/Distance/Elevation Gain

  • 100 Mile Ride/101mi/3,920ft
  • 75 Mile Ride/75mi/2,456ft
  • 55 Mile Ride/55mi/1,492ft
  • 35 Mile Ride/30mi/1,323ft
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