About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Dan, I began this website about bicycling to help you experience the thrill of riding I have known nearly all of my life.Family Bike Ride

I think weekends were made for bicyclists! Cycling is the perfect family outing, or you can go on organized rides, such as those listed on our Upcoming Rides page.

You can get away from your electronic devices, see new sights (or old sights from a new perspective) at a pace where you can really enjoy them, and get exercise to boot!

My love of riding started when I was seven. Now, six decades later, that feeling hasn’t diminished. I’m happy to say bicycling is a sport you can participate in your entire life.
There isn’t an age or ability cutoff like you find in organized team sports, such as baseball or football.

Hope you enjoy the website!





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