Virginia Blue Ridge Gran Fondo 2023

Oct. 8, 2023

Virginia Blue Ridge Gran Fondo


Location: Courthouse Square, 1 West Main St.
Fincastle, VA


partner event in the Gran Fondo National Series, Virginia’s Blue Ridge Gran Fondo will feature three different routes — 33, 43, and 75 miles. Each route has been carefully crafted to showcase Botetourt County’s rich scenic beauty and it’s warm & welcoming communities. Riders will enjoy the area’s natural beauty including the rolling terrain, open farmland, forested mountains, and the James River. Each route will also feature memorable aid stations and charming small towns. This ride will NOT be timed from start to finish. Each route will have several sections that will be chip timed. Click here for a list of timed segments. Ride these sections hard if you want to, then regroup after. You’ll still be able to stop and relax at all the aid stations.

Ride/Distance/Elevation Gain

  • Mountain Ride/75mi/6,406ft
  • River Ride/43mi/2,976ft
  • Valley Ride/33mi/1,872ft
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