Grizzly Peak Century 2024

May 5, 2024

Grizzly Century


Location: St. Mary’s College
1928 St. Mary’s Rd.
Morgana, CA


Join us for a series of nine rides for intermediate bicyclists who want to build stamina and increase range. The rides will be on consecutive Sundays, beginning in March, and will gradually progress in distance from about 25 to about 55 miles. All are over moderately hilly terrain, similar to that of the century. Those who complete the series should be well-prepared to ride at least the 75 mile (metric century) route. For more information see our Century Prep Series page.

This year we offer a course of about 48 miles that includes about 19 miles of unpaved surface. It traverses Redwood and Tilden parks, and includes two rest stops that are shared with the road routes. For more information see the Gravel Route page.

There are four paved routes to choose from, all of them very hilly: 30 miles (new this year), 50 miles, 75 miles, and 100 miles. The 100 mile route differs from previous years. It starts earlier and does a full south loop first. For more information see the Routes pages.

Ride/Distance/Elevation Gain

  • The Griz/100mi/9,065ft
  • 75 mile ride/73mi/6,162ft
  • The Gravel Loop/47mi/5,379ft
  • 50 mile ride/49mi/4,421ft
  • 30 mile ride/36mi/2,645ft
Some Other Upcoming Rides…