Solvang Spring Tour 2022

Mar. 21-26, 2022

Solvang Spring Tour


Location: Hampton Inn 600 McMurray Road
Buellton , CA


Solvang Spring Tour Join us for this club-style week. Experience the best rides in Southern California’s most popular cycling region. Our routes will inspire you with beauty and challenge you with plenty of miles and lots of climbing. Riders can choose between one or two routes most days – long (60-100 miles) or medium (40-60). All totally fun and non-competitive (though some folks do come to train, and ride hard and fast). All easily self-supported. We like this tour to have a “club” feel… Just hanging out with friends, enjoying the scenery. We definitely take our time and smell the… poppies!

Here are the primary routes (not necessarily in order)

Cat and Alisos Canyons
Foxen Canyon to Cat Canyon to Los Alamos, then back via Alisos Canyon to Los Olivos.
69 miles with 4,000′ climbing. RideWithGPS map here.

Figueroa Mountain (photos)
Figueroa Mountain via Happy Canyon and back via Los Olivos. This is a super tough ride with prolonged, steep climbs. Be prepared to ride on some unpaved roads which are hard-packed gravel.
48.3 miles with 5,100′ climbing. RideWithGPS map here.

246 to Purisima Mission to Vandenburg Village to San Antonio Rd to Casmalia to 135 to Los Alamos, then back over Drum Canyon.
76.8 miles with 4,500′ climbing. RideWithGPS map here.
Slightly shorter option map here.

Jalama Beach (photos)
Santa Rosa Rd to 1 to Jalama Beach to 1 to 101 and past Nojoqui Falls Park. GREAT hamburgers at the beach! This is a super tough ride, especially when you factor in the wind.
77.2 miles with 5,800′ climbing. RideWithGPS map here.

Santa Rosa Road and Harris Grade (photos)
246 to Santa Rosa Road through Lompoc and Highway 1 up the Harris Grade. Drop down to 135 and back via Los Alamos and Drum Canyon.
62.9 miles with 3,500′ climbing. RideWithGPS map here.
Shorter option map here.

Tepusquet Century (photos)
246 to Drum Canyon to Los Alamos to Cat Canyon to Sisquoc, then an out and back on Tepusquet Road with return on Foxen Canyon to Los Olivos.
92 miles with 6,700′ climbing. RideWithGPS map here.
Shorter option map here.

Cruise around the Valley – bonus ride on Sunday if you plan to stay! (photos)
A great tour of Solvang, Ballard, Santa Ynez, Los Olivos and Foxen Canyon.
39 miles, total elevation gain = about 2,000’

Other Rides…