Fall Tour of St. George 2022

Oct. 15, 2022

Fall Tour of St. George


Location: Town Square
St. George, UT


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    They say that variety is the spice of life, and St. George has a little bit of everything. It’s layered with red rocks that define the northern side of the city jutting above the valley. You get a look deep into those sandstone cliffs in Snow Canyon and it’s all topped off with the largest laccolith in the world, Pine Valley Mountain. The area is defined by these layers and accented by the green trees in the valleys and the cottonwoods around the Virgin and Santa Clara Rivers. There’s a lot to see.

    The Tour of St. George gives you a guided tour of all those layers. Starting downtown, the route immediately climbs toward the red rocks and skirts the base of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve as you make your way toward the Red Mountain and pass by the mouth of Snow Canyon. You will be treated to views of the sandstone topped by the surrounding mountains. As you keep pedaling, you will dip all the way down to the Arizona Stateline while you make your way toward Sand Hollow and Quail Creek State Parks and their corresponding lakes. From there, your return trip take you past more layers of sandstone and terminates back where you started in an oasis of green surrounded by red rocks.

    The Fall Tour offers lengths for every rider and fitness level. Pick either a 35, 57, 80 or 100 mile distance to tailor your tour to your abilities. With rolling sag and fully stocked and themed rest stops, all you need is your bike and the desire to pedal your way through all the layers.

Ride/Distance/Elevation Gain

  • 100 Mile Ride/100mi/6,810ft
  • 80 Mile Ride/82mi/4,478ft
  • 57 Mile Ride/53mi/2,747ft
  • 35 Mile Ride/35mi/1,419ft
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