GA400 Century 2021

June 27, 2021

GA400 Century 2019

GA400 Century


Location: 1425 Market Place Blvd
Roswell, GA


Come ride your bike on the forbidden highway GA400 as we ride to raise money for Emory’s new Heart and Vascular Center. We close all lanes so you can ride safely and get the thrill of a lifetime that you can experience each year. Imagine as you soar down the entrance ramp at Holcomb Bridge South and you get the greatest feeling of freedom as you take to the Highway. Join thousands of other riders as you embark on a memorable ride of 9, 26, 44, 62, or 100 miles throughout the best roads in North Georgia filled with horse farms and small country roads. There is a rest stop every 15 miles and great entertainment at the end along with a great meal. You can even brag that you conquered the Three Sisters! Tell your friends and enjoy the day as you start with a roll on GA 400.

Rides/Distances/Elevation Gain

  • GA400 100 Mile Ride/101mi/6,965ft
  • GA400 60 Mile Ride/61mi/4,183ft
  • GA400 44 Mile Ride/44mi/3,010ft
  • GA400 26 Mile Ride/26mi/1,815ft
Other Rides…