Davis Double Century 2021

May 8 – 23, 2021

Davis Double Century


Location: Davis Veterans Memorial Center on 14th Street and “B” Street
Davis, CA


This year’s Davis Double Century will be a virtual event due to the continuation of the Coronavirus pandemic. While the rollout of the vaccinations is progressing well, sufficient progress will will not have been achieved by the planned May 15 ride date to allow the Davis Bike Club to plan the event with certainty of success. While we canceled the event last year, we did not wish to cancel it again in 2021. So, for that reason, we have decided to sponsor a virtual double century. But keeping in the tradition of the Davis Double Century, you will still get a T-Shirt as part of your registration fee, which will be mailed to you a few weeks after the registration closes. We look forward to having a live event again in 2022.

The Davis Double is the most popular double century in California. It is considered an ideal first double century. There is no “death”, “terrible”, “monster”, “devil”, or “heartbreak” in this ride. What really sets the Davis Double apart from other rides, for first-timers as well as more experienced long-distance riders, is the level of support we give our riders. There are nine rest stops in addition to a lunch stop, and multiple SAG vehicles patrol the entire course. As for difficulty, there is about 8,400 feet of climbing with a few longer climbs. Nearly all of the climbing is under 10%, primarily in the 6-8% range, and the climbing ends well before Mile 150. There is also a four-mile section of hard-pack dirt road around Mile 100 in Big Canyon. The hard-pack section of the ride is a gradual climb with a few gentle rollers.

We hold the ride every year on the third Saturday in May. The 51st Davis Double Century will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2021. Registration opens on March 1, 2021.


  • Double Century/198mi
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