Figueroa Mountain Gran Fondo 2019

Nov. 9, 2019

Figueroa Mountain Gran Fondo 2019

Figueroa Gran Fondo


Location: Gainey Vineyard 3950 East Highway 246
Santa Ynez, CA


The crown jewel of the Figueroa Mountain Gran Fondo is undoubtedly Figueroa Mountain. The climb up is long and laced with steep pitches that will test your legs and will power. Those who conquer Figueroa Mountain will be rewarded with stunning views and a fast, winding descent.

Ride/Distance/Elevation Gain

  • Fig Epic Ride/100mi/8,800ft
  • Fig Metric Ride/68mi/6942ft
  • Fig Loop Ride/48mi/5,279ft
  • Valley Loop Ride/35mi/1,959ft
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