Southern Inyo Spring DC

Mar. 2, 2019

Southern Inyo Spring DC

Southern Inyo Spring DC


Location: EconoLodge
201 West Inyo Kern Road

Ridgecrest, CA


For 2019 the Southern Inyo Double is scheduled for March 2, 2019 and has an all new course with a new start/finish location. The new venue, the EconoLodge in Ridgecrest, CA is one hour closer to Southern California, and for those coming by way of Bakersfield. Additionally, the EconoLodge offers a super low room rate with early check in and late check out options.

This change has allowed for an all new “Lowland”, “Highland”, and “Double-Double” option. The Highland and Lowland share the first 80 miles. The Highland Double and the Double-Double share the first 200 miles. The last 200 miles of the Double-Double is last summer’s full moon double century course. The Double-Double has less than 17 overlapping repeated miles, gets CTC credit and counts as two doubles

The new Lowland Double has 199.3 miles and 7,785’ gain The Highland Double has 202.8 miles and 13,056’ gain.


  • Lowland Double/199.3mi
  • Highland Double/202.8mi
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