Spooktacular Century

Oct. 27, 2018

Spooktacular Century 2018

Spooktacular Century


Location: Lake Ming Kern River Group Picnic area
Bakersfield, CA

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About This Activity
The Kern Wheelmen Bicycle Club invites you to enjoy our 32nd annual Spooktacular Century on October 27th. Registration includes six great routes to choose from, one entry to our raffle, post ride meal, spooky rest stops, marked routes, maps, full sag support, goodie bag, an eerie lack of traffic and one stoplight. Decorate your bike, wear spooky clothing and join the fun.

1. Hideous Hundred – 10,800 feet of climbing – 109 miles. Bring your big gears and an attitude. This ride up Breckenridge Mountain will Haunt you for a long time and the decent will give you Chills. Your special Hideous Hundred patch will be waiting for you at the top. Difficulty-Extreme, Suggested ride start at 6:00am.

2. Horrible Hundred- 8,600 feet of climbing – 102 miles. You had better still bring those big gears; Lion’s Trail and White Wolf grade are each 5 1/2 miles long and have grades of 6-8% that will make your quads Scream with Pain. Difficulty-Extreme, Start Before 6:00am.

3. Nightmare Ninety- 4,500 feet of climbing – 92 miles. Actually after the White Wolf Grade some of this course will leave you with pleasant dreams as you ride up Caliente Creek to Twin Oaks and back. Start Before 7:00am.

4. Morbid Metric- 2,900 feet of climbing – 62 miles. With a Monster climb of its own White Wolf grade will get your lungs Howling. Your destination is Caliente where you will meet the riders from the Hideous and Horrible Hundreds & Nightmare Ninety. Start Before 8:00am

5. Frightful Forty- 500 feet of climbing – 40 miles. Enjoy this Halloween ride along Kern River on our bike path, past the California Living Museum, Ethel’s Coral and up rattlesnake grade (two miles of 3-4% grade) which will get your legs asking for Mercy! Start Before 9:00am.

6. Trembling Twenty- Same route as Frightful Forty. Rattlesnake grade will get your legs Screeching and a long downhill will get your lungs Gasping. Start Before 9:00am.


  • Hideous Hundred/109mi
  • Horrible Hundred/102mi
  • Nightmare Ninety/92mi
  • Morbid Metric/62mi
  • Frightful Forty/40mi
  • Trembling Twenty/20mi
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