The Hemet Double Century 1978

The Hemet Double Century is the second oldest double century in the U.S, started in 1965. Originally it was held in the Spring, but was moved to a Fall ride in later years. I’m guessing this move was made because it occasionally snows at Mountain Center in the Spring.

In 1978, I rode the Hemet DC, and completed this ride as my first double century. The race consisted of two 100 mile loops, the fist loop being relatively flat. The second loop however, went up 4000+ feet to Mountain Center in the San Jacinto wilderness, and then dropped down a steep downhill into Temeculah CA. The total elevation gain was over 9000′.

PATCH - Hemet DC 1978

My 1978 Hemet DC Finisher’s Patch

I’ve been looking at the routes on the current Hemet DC, (see map below) and learned they have changed the route of the second loop several times. Now it climbs for a total elevation gain of 6937′ for the whole ride.

Getting back to the ride – Going down the steep downhill wasn’t any fun… by the time we hit it, it was getting dark and, being an April ride, much cooler. I remember we rode the brakes going down, so we wouldn’t get too cold. Now, I have learned my lesson and have a lightweight, breathable cycling jacket made for such situations.

That was the first and last double century I rode using that plastic seat, and with no cycling shoes! Now I have a nice pair of Sidi riding shoes, which are really comfortable, and stay put on the pedals. When you ride 100+ miles, and your legs are tired, it get’s harder to keep your feet on the pedals if you aren’t clipped in, or using toe clips.

Hemet DC 7-14-17

2017 Hemet Double Century Route

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