The Weekend Bicyclist

The Weekend Bicyclist

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, cycling is one of the best activities!!

  • The exercise helps you maintain your stamina to help you ward off the virius, and if you do get sick from it, the symptoms may be less severe.
  • Riding in the outdoors does wondrs for your state of mind! Also important to your physical health.
  • When riding in a group, ride at least 20ft behind the next person, unless they are members of your immediate family. You don’t want to have anything blowing in your face from another person! If you have some kind of face mask you can wear, even better.
  • Ride on, and keep safe!!!

    I call myself The Weekend Bicyclist because, well, I have spent the last 40 years juggling family, work and riding and I could only ride on weekends.  Clearly, I could only allot a small amount of time to riding, which I found possible only on weekends. Now, retired, I have made bicycling into a full-time hobby.
    Bicycling in today’s world has so many more options than the one speed on which I learned to ride. Recumbent bikes, electric bikes, recumbent trikes, mountain bikes, spin bikes, and cargo bikes are more recent additions.
    People bicycle for different reasons, such as:

    • Commuting to and from work
    • Taking care of Errands
    • Weekend leisure cyclist
    • Bicycle adventure/travel
    • Mountain/trail riding

    What type of bicyclist are you? Let’s find out

    Already a seasoned cyclist? Check out our Upcoming Bicycle Rides Schedule and Cycling Gear!

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